Beedi Masala Mixter (Herbal) Rsk –4 Rw –Lem
Bs –Lxy Mogra R2 Rsk –5 Rw –Org
Bs –Lyb Rd –1 Jas Rsk –6z –Black Phm –98
Bw Rd –2 Rose Rsk –7 Sdl
Diwania Rd –3 Musk Rsk –12 –Chowrangni Shiv Darbar
D.X.L Rd –4 Pith Rsk –16 Shiv Singar (Parijat)
Herbal Mixture Super Rd –5 Ctr Rsk –17 Smix 13
Ihsk Special Rd –6 Hytr Rsk –18 Valley
Ihs Special Rd –11 Rsk –20 Ws –Adtr
Jasmin Rd –16 Rsk –22 Ws –Ctr
Keora Base Rsk –1—Ratanmala Rsk –25 Ws -Nimbu
Karisma Rsk –2 Rsk –Chariot Ws –Rose
Mist Rsk –3 Rw –Jam

Almond Creamy Date Flavour Mint (Pudina) Flavour Shambhar Flavour
Anise (Saunf) Flavour Fruity Flavour Mud Flavour Spinach Flavour
Apple Flavour Garlic Flavour Org. Sp. Strawberry Flavour
Asafoetida (Heeng) Flavour Guava Flavour Passion Flavour Tea Basil Flavour
Banana Flavour Honey Flavour Pavbhaji Flavour Tea Cardamom Flavour
Biryani Flavour Hot Dog Flavour Papaya Flavour Tea Ginger Flavour
Brandy Spl Hot Masala Flavour Peach Flavour Tea Herbal Flavour
Bread Flavour Ice Cream Flavour Pineapple Flavour Tomato Ketchup
Butter Creamy Kesar Elichi Flavour Piproni Flavour Turmeric Flavour
Chat Flavour Lychee Hn-20 Pomegranate (Anar) Flavour Vanila Flavour
Chhole Flavour Mango Alfango Raspberry Flavour Watermelon Flavour
Chicken Flavour Mango Flavour Rice Basmati Whisky 95
Chocolate Young Meat Masala Flavour Rose Flavour Yogurt Flavour
Coconut Flavour Milk Toffee Rum Flavour  
Cumin Flavour Milk-Shake Scotch Whisky Flavour