OLEORESINS: Oleoresins are obtained by solvent extraction of dried ground spices, followed by complete removal of solvents from the extract. In its true form, it represents all quality factors of spices like aroma, pungency and even colour. Volatile oil level, concentration of active principal and colour can be customized .

Rakesh Sandal Industry has the following range of Oleoresins and Resonoide: -

All Spices Chharila (Lican) Oleo Garlic Oleo Paprika Oleo (Red Chilli)
Benzoin Resonoide Cinnamon Oleo Ginger Oleo Turmeric Root Oleo
Benzoil Resonoide Coriander Oleo Labdanum Oleo Valerian Oleo
Black Pepper Oleo Cumin Oleo Long Pepper Oleo White Pepper Oleo
Capsicum Oleo Fenugreek Oleo Mulethi Oleo  
Cardamom Oleo Frankincense Oleo Myrrh Oleo

HERBAL EXTRACTS: Rakesh Sandal Industries has entered into the extraction of medicinal and health related herbals and botanicals . Extractives of herbals, especially those which are known to have curative properties in Ayurvedic, have great potential. Unlike traditional processing units, Rakesh Sandal Industries can make scientifically standardised extracts, free of toxic impurities.

Acorus Calmus Cocoa Seed Hypericum Perforatum Terminalia Arjuna
Adhatoda Vasica Leaf Coleus Forskohli Root Lagerstromia Speciosa Tribulus Terrestris fruit
Allim Sativum(garlic) Commiphora Mukul Mappia Foetida Triphla
Aloe Vera Curcuma Longa Momordica Charantia Fruita Turmeric Root
Alpinia Galanga (Kulanjan) Emblica Officinails Morinda Citrifolia Valerian Wallichi(tagar)
Anacyclus Pyrethrum Fenugreek Mucuna Pruriens Viburnum Bark
Andrographics Panniculata Eugenia Jambolana Nigella Sativa Vitex Negundo(Nirgundi Leaf)
Asparagus Adscendens Fumaria Officinalis Piper Nigrum Withania Somnifera
Atropa Belladona Root Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Pomegranate Zingiber Officinale Tuber
Azadirachta Indica (Neem) Glycyrrhiza Glabra(Licorice) Rauwolfia Serpentina  
Bacopa Monnieri Green Coffee Salacia Reticulata  
Boswellia Serata Green Tea Shilajeet  
Cassia Angustipolia Leaves Guava Leaf Sida Cordofolia  
Celery Seed Gymnema Sylvestre Strychnos  
Centella Asiatica Hibiscus Sabdariffa Tamarindus-Indica  
1. Aloevera oil extracts Aloe barbadensis Emollient, epithelising
2. Amla oil extracts Embelica officinalis Conditioning, silky feel, lightening.
3. Arnica oil extract Arnica montana Epithelising, conditioning,     shiny ness.
4. Ashwagandha oil extracts Withania somnifera Aphrodisiac, antis tress, rasayanas and in neurasthenia.
5. Bhringraj oil extracts Eclipta alba Anti- hairloss, anti-allergic.
6. Brahmi oil extracts Bacopa moneri Brain enhancer, tonic, strengthens hair, conditioner.
7. Calendula oil extracts Calendula officinalis Epithelising, emollient, antiseptic, anti-ageing.
8. Chamomile oil extracts Matricaria recutita Anti- bacterial,  anti- irritant, epithelizing.
9. Fennel oil extracts Foeniculum valgare Anti- septic, anti-dandruff, refreshing,  emollient.
10. Green tea oil extracts Camellia sinensis Blood flow activator, anti-irritant, anti-cellulite
11. Henna oil extracts Lawsonia inermis Conditioner, anti- alopecia, skin restructuring.
12. Jaswand oil extracts Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Emollient, anti-dandruff, conditioner.
13. Kapur kachri oil extracts Hedichium spicatium Bronchial asthama, halitosis and vomitting
14. Latakasturi oil extracts Hibicus abelmoschus Heart strength, respiratory problems
15. Liquorice oil extracts Glycyrrhiza glabra Anti- stretch mark, wound healing, anti- eczema
16. Nagarmotha oil extracts Cyperus scariosus Anorexia, vomiting, diarrhoea, intestinal bleeding, dysentery 
17. Reetha oil extracts Sapindus trifoliatus Washing hair to get rid of lices
18. Shikakai oil extracts Acasia concinna Anti-dandruff, conditioner.
19. Triphala oil extracts Phyllanthus emblica Soothes dry skin , ideal oil for massage